STEMWorld Care is a program committed to providing medical care and equipment to those in need. We recognize the importance of maternal and child health care and strive to ensure that those in underdeveloped countries are equipped with the necessary medical equipment to get the best care possible. We ship medical equipment suites to countries in need, ensuring that they have the necessary supplies to provide the best quality healthcare. Our goal is to provide medical care to those who need it the most and to help reduce health disparities around the world.


Our STEMWorld Care program supports maternal and child health care in the developing world by providing medical equipment and supplies to those in need. Our team sources quality medical supplies from around the world and sends them to African countries, providing access to improved health care for those in need. We also collaborate with health care professionals in the developing world, to help train and equip them with the knowledge and resources necessary to provide better care to their patients. By helping to equip medical professionals with the tools and resources to improve their practice, we are helping to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those in need.


Our mission at STEMWorld Care is to improve health care in the developing world by providing doctors with necessary medical equipment. We are dedicated to shipping medical equipment to African countries in need, so that they may have access to the same quality of care that is available elsewhere. By providing doctors with the tools they need to do their jobs, we hope to improve health care in the developing world and make a difference in people‘s lives. We believe that with the right medical equipment, doctors can make a significantly positive impact on their communities. We are committed to making a difference and improving the health of those in the developing world.

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Technology comprises an entire system of people and organizations, knowledge, processes, and devices that go into creating and operating technological artifacts, as well as the artifacts themselves. Modern technology is a product of science and engineering, and technological tools are used in both fields
Science is the study of the natural world, including the laws of nature associated with physics, chemistry, and biology and the treatment or application of facts, principles, concepts, and conventions. Science is a body of knowledge that has been accumulated over time.
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Magic Milk Experiment

When dish soap is dropped into milk, there is a swirl of activity of soap molecules finding and bonding with fat molecules in the milk. With millions of molecules swirling around looking for mates, the colors in the milk get all mixed up!

Dry Ice Experiment

Dry Ice is a fun and cold experiment. There’s many things you can create, so what can you make with dry ice?
Dry ice is a cool and a fun outdoor experiment. Have you ever worked with it? The big caution is that you don’t want to touch it less it burns your skin. Got that? So it has to be handled with tongs and/or insulated gloves.

DIY Lava Lamp Experiment

With this project, you can make your own (temporary) DIY lava lamp with household materials! It’s easy and safe, and it looks very cool.
This lava lamp experiment is super cool! Your kids will love exploring colored water and oil, but a surprise ingredient will make this science activity even more exciting! It’s always a hit with the kids. So grab a few household supplies and give this lava lamp science activity a try!