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We make science fun! Due to COVID-19 we are re-designing all our workshops to be available online and in-person. We are here to help you deliver great science education, while maintaining safe health guidelines.

Explore the world of energy through our workshops where kids become engineers – building wind turbines and solar energy systems. Students investigate energy, conservation, and electricity topics with our team of professional facilitators.



All workshops are available virtually and in-person.

We lead dynamic workshops consisting of exciting demonstrations and interactive experiments using our unique wind, solar and biogas models. Workshops are linked to STEM curriculum and provide a comprehensive introduction to a unit or reinforce lessons already covered.


Explore the world of science & how it affects our everyday life


Technology is science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools.


Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, and buildings.


Mathematics includes the study of such topics as quantity, structure, space, and change. 

Renewable Energy

Students will build their own renewable energy models

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